This is the “land of the midnight sun” and magnificent fjords.  Norway's coastline is immense – with around 50,000 islands, numerous fjords and all indentations it measures 21,925. This gives yacht charters a lot of opportunity for a truly intense and diverse sailing adventure in protected waters. Here you can sail among some of the most spectacular natural Fjord scenery in the world. 

What to see

Norwegian Fjords

Western Norway is also known as “Fjord Norway” and it has been recognised by both Lonely Planet and National Geographic as one of the most beautiful places in the world. Here you can gaze at dramatic fjords lying in gorges cut between majestic mountains, admire natural formed glaciers, and cascading waterfalls. There are small settlements, anchorages, and towns in this area but due to some of the distances; it is widely recommended that you plan your trip with a lot of care. Also, the fjord winds can be unpredictable so an advances sailing skill is also required.


Sognefjord is regarded as the jewel in the crown of Norwegian Fjords. It is Norway’s longest fjord (over 200 km long) ranked as one of the world’s most beautiful fjord landscapes and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Here the sheer cliffs on either side of you,  rise over 1000 meters - straight up! On your way to Sognefjord, you will pass waterfalls, steep mountainsides and small picturesque communities.

Island hopping

Many people, who prefer a more laid back approach and wish to relax on board, instead of feel the adrenaline of the unpredictable weather and raw nature, choose to island hop on either side of the inner lead and admire the dramatic scenery of the mountains and fjords from a safe distance. The islands are culturally diverse and varied. The history of the area tells tales and shows evidence from the era of the Vikings and here you can still experience the atmosphere of small traditional fishing villages.

The best time to cruise the Norway coast is from April to August. Although, we have to stress out that with the correct clothing and a heated charter boat, a western coast cruise of Norway can be an equally unforgettable experience.


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