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With wonderful waters, antiquated towns and more than 1,400 islands to choose from, The 350 km long coastline of Croatia dazzles visitors from all over. Surrounded by the clear waters of the Adriatic are Medieval towns each with whitewashed buildings and rich historical backgrounds, an abundance of islands, secluded bays and coves and sandy beaches, making Croatia the perfect yacht chartering destination for those who wish to experience the Mediterranean as it once might have been.

Carrying the traces of Illyrian, Christian, Roman, Austrian and Venetian empires, Croatia has increasingly become a popular tourist destination, yet still remains perfectly preserved, and offers one of the most authentic yacht chartering experiences in Europe.


Croatia Destinations

Croatia offers an endless variety of destinations, whether you are seeking natural beauty, cultural diversity, historical sites or hiking trails. Here are some of the favourite destinations we have chosen:


Otherwise called the "pearl of the Adriatic", Dubrovnik has for quite some time been a commended coastal city, known worldwide for its magnificence and entrancing history. Past through the imposing gateway, within the ancient fortification walls you will find winding streets, stairways lined with flowers, perfectly maintained churches and terraced restaurants.


Situated amongst Mljet and Hvar, Korcula is an exceptional island with historical churches and squares connected by narrow streets. As you sail along its coast, you will discover secluded paths and coves to enjoy. The island is also known as the birthplace of Marco Polo!

Kornati National Park

Home to more than 100 islands, Kornati National Park which is a popular destination that lies in the Dalmatian Sea is known as a “sailing paradise” that offers some attraction for everyone. The largest island of the archipelago is Kornat, which gives the park its name. Other significant islands are Kurba, Zut, Vela, Piskara, Levrnaka and Sit, all of which offer lush pine forests, green fields and expansive olive groves.


Trogir is another fortified city, absolutely worth visiting after the pleasures of Split and Dubrovnik. There is a maze of narrow streets to explore and quaint historical restaurants to stumble upon before you make your way to the waterfront where you will find market stalls and live performances of street musicians and artists.


Home to Stari Grad, which is the oldest town in Croatia, Hvar is known to be among the 10 most beautiful islands in the world. Having survived countless invasions throughout history, Hvar Town has retained its ornate Gothic architecture and is known to be a bustling party town. The island also offers great natural beauty with pristine waters and lush forests, making it a wonderful stopover for your yacht charter.


Aside from being a perfect starting point for a yacht charter, Split is a great destination in itself. A well preserved ancient Roman city, Split is the principle city of Dalmatia, rich in culture and history.


Croatia has a wonderful Mediterranean climate, guaranteeing that it's for the most part warm and dry all through the yachting season. The hottest months are July and August when the temperature rises to 25-35°C. Water temperatures in the Summer months are in the upper 20’s °C. The less crowded months of June and September are also beautiful, with temperatures in the mid 20’s °C.


Dubrovnik 7 days sailing itinerary


Sibenik 7 days sailing itinerary


Split 7 days sailing itinerary

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