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Enjoy the clear turquoise waters and breathtaking landscapes of Mauritius Island

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Mauritius Itinerary Info

Start your exploration of the lush, verdant island of Mauritius in Bain Boeuf, located on the north coast: a tranquil resort that is home to a delicious turquoise lagoon. Set sail to the sedate perfectionof Flat Island to begin the exploration of the lovely heart of Mauritius. Snorkel off the resplendent coastline before enjoying a leisurely lunch in the sultry surroundings of Bain Boeuf then sailing to Flat Island in the late afternoon. Admire the brilliant sunset off of the lush coastline then anchor for the night at Ilot Gabriel.

Head from the remote and lush Flat Island into the bustling and chic locale of Grand Baie. Flush with affluent boutiques and premier restaurants, Grand Baie is a sumptuous port of call for those with luxurious pursuits on their mind. Enjoy a leisurely breakfast onboard before diving in to enjoy the wonderful swimming conditions and glorious warmwaters whose clarity make snorkeling among the thousands of vibrant fish a dream come true. Run the tender up to Flat Island and follow the footpath to the lighthouse where you will have a breathtaking view of the lagoon and its nearby surrounding islands. In the afternoon, proceed to Grand Baie. Have dinner at one of the delicious Grand Baie restaurants set along the glittering waters, and watch the village come alive.

Sail out from sumptuous Grand Baie up the coast to the capital city of Port Louis, where island life reaches its most busy pitch. Indulge in some shopping and a glorious lunch before travelling further up the coast to the enigmatic and beautiful Rivire Noire Bay. After breakfast, indulge in some island shopping on the Sunset Boulevard, then sail towards the capital city of Port-Louis, where you can dock at Caudan Waterfront Marina. Explore the bustling city centre and enjoy an inspired lunch before cruising up to Tamarin Bay for a swim with the local pod of dolphins. Continue to sail up to the Rivire Noire Bay to anchor for the night beneath a vermillion sunset.

Once you've finished your circuit of the lovely island of Mauritius, head back out to one of its little islands, Ilot Gabriel in particular, to finish off this exquisite journey through the crystalline waters of the Indian Ocean. Set sail to Ilot Gabriel, all the while enjoying the simple pleasure of the beautiful scenery as you cruise along the west coast of the island. Snorkel or scuba-dive in these bounteous waters, then anchor off the dazzling coast for the night in order to fully enjoy the splendour of the night sky.

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