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Cuba holds the distinction of being the largest island in the Caribbean. It’s situated between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, and it’s about 90 miles south of Key West, Florida

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Cuba Itinerary Info

Having landed in Cuba, spend your morning getting acquainted with the island. Before stepping on board your chartered yacht, spend some time exploring the colonial grandeur of La Perla del Sur, basking in the rich history of “The Pearl of the South.”Spend the day on board enjoying the views of Cienfuegos and the sands of the Rancho Luna Beach, and getting to know your vessel

On your second day, sail to Cayo Guano, a quiet anchorage en route to Cayo Largo. Then pass through the sandy beaches of the Los Canarréos Archipelago, enjoying the warm sunshine.Cayo Largo is the only populated island in the archipelago is a great destination for snorkelling, where you can explore the colorful marine life around the coral reefs.

As its name suggests, Cayo Rico is rich in fauna and flora. Sail to this wonderful spot on your third day in Cuba, also famous with its large population of indigenous iguanas. After a day of exploring, swimming, snorkelling and water sports, enjoy dining in the open air on the sandy beach of Playa Sirena into the warm Cuban evening.

Playa Cayo Rosario is a perfect fishing and diving destination. You can take in the sun and have a few drinks on the beach and for lunch, enjoy your daily catch of fresh fish. In the afternoon, gear up for diving or snorkelling to explore the underwater wonders in the several diving spots in the area.

Sailing back to Cayo Largo, spend your day relaxing and enjoying the amenities of your chartered yacht. There is a nearby turtle farm to visit, which is a special treat, especially for kids. Head out ashore for a wonderful local meal in the evening.

The web of mangrove canals around Quinto Canal are the perfect opportunity to explore the island’s incredible natural wonders by kayak. There is a dolphinarium where you can jump in and swim with the dolphins, enjoying the wonderful company of these gentle and friendly creatures.

Cayo Sal is a peaceful and isolated location, perfect for relaxation. If you are inclined for some activity, try paddleboard yoga, as entertaining as it is relaxing.

Landing back in the city of Cienfuegos, take advantage of your final opportunity to shop for rum, cigars and coffee, the best of all of which are to be found only in Cuba. They will make a wonderful present for all your jealous friends back home!

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