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The British Virgin Islands are a collection of 60 unspoiled islands that pack the best of the Caribbean into one convenient destination

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British Virgin Islands Itinerary Info

Day 1 of your charter is an easy sail through the Sir Francis Drake Channel to Norman Island, passing by some of the best snorkelling spots before stopping off at thelegendary floating bar in the BVI. Spot the Indians, a dramatic series of rocks jutting out of the sparkling blue sea-this makes for a great snorkeling spot, with a unique series of fish to find. Explore the legendary Caves on Norman Island. With a kaleidocsope of marine life to be discovered, it is no wonder that these caves inspired the classic novel Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. Stop off at Willy T's, the pirate ship-turned-floating bar that has really made a name for itself in the BV.

On day 2, you can look forward to a gentle cruise north east from Norman Island to Peter Island, with a swim and a snorkel at any one of the 5 paradise beaches. Deadman's Beach is always a good idea if you're looking toescape the sun-we would recommend a lunch-stop at Deadman's Beach Bar and Grill. Expect to find wood-fire pizzas, signature sandwiches or finger-lickin' ribs; with the mellow tones of a steel band to accompany your exquisite meal! If you can't bear to leave, why not stay for an intimate dinner at Tradewind's Restaurant, featuring the Caribbean’s most renowned chefs serving delicious Asian-Caribbean cuisine such as their Sous-Vide Duck Breast or Ricotta Gnocchi. Before you leave, don't forget to visit their new wine room with a collection of 300 labels

Day 3 will take you to two of the smaller islands of the archipelago: Salt and Cooper Island. On the south-western tip of Salt Island, you will find the legendary diving spot called the Wreck of the Rhone. Rewind to nearly 150 years ago, when a Royal Mail Ship heading from Southampton to the Caribbean, was hit by a devastating storm and sunk, leaving behind this fascinating time capsule. Today you can explore theremaining skeleton surrounded by crystal clear waters and new species of fish-watch nature in action as more and more of the ship becomes engulfed, bringing her back to life with a spectrum of coloured corals, playful fish and lurking eels. Continue to Cooper Island to find the family owned eco-resort. Here, you can spend the afternoon browsing charming boutiques, coffee shops or even treat yourself to a massage at the Solé Spa.

Your fourth day will begin shortly after breakfast on board, passing by the privately owned Ginger Island which rises gracefully from the sea, surrounded by luscious mangroves. Beyond the hilly landscapes of Ginger Island and you will spy the Baths on Virgin Gorda-these natural jacuzzis that fill with seawater will certainly be a hit with both kids and adults. After a fairly complex trail, you will find colourful groves and dramatic granite boulders reaching from the sea up to the clear sky-a stunning reward for the work you put in!

Enjoy a slow morning on Virgin Gorda, snorkeling in the crystal clear waters before continuing to the North Sound-a dazzling area of water on the northern tip of Virgin Gorda that is fringed by the smaller islands of Moskito, Prickly Pear and Saba Rock which provide protection for anchorages and exclusive resorts. Located in the North Sound Playground, stop off for an afternoon of kiteboarding, paddle boarding or even windsurfing!

Pass the time on your sixth day of charter by further exploring the smaller islands within the North Sound Playground. The Bitter End Yacht Club is always a popular place amongst our clients who come ashore-this is where "love of the water, family tradition, welcoming staff and the generous Caribbean spirit" matter most. Watch the sun set on your last evening at a private beachside dinner with your family and friends, and choose from a tailored menu, suited to your preferences.

Your seventh day marks the end of your sailing charter in the BVI. Enjoy breakfast on board before beginning your final sail through the Sir Francis Drake Channel passing by Scrub Island and Beef Island back to Road Town.

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