Antigua’s breath-taking landscapes, unique and vibrant island culture, quaint port towns and fishing villages, scores of beautiful beaches and the unbroken coral reef wall.

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Antigua Itinerary Info

A pleasant 20 nm cruise north takes you to the island of Barbuda, the other island in the dual nation of Antigua&Barbuda. After a spending couple of days in the more crowded Antigua, you will enjoy thepeace and quiet of Barbuda, which is considered one of the least developed islands in the Caribbean. You can stroll around the small settlement or spend a quiet day on one of the many isolated beaches. If you have any water toys on board, this is a great place to enjoy water sports as well.

The northernmost island of the Leeward group is Anguilla. A flat and long island with white, sandy beaches all along the coast, Anguilla is home to a number of ultra-luxury resorts, offeringyou the option of sailing in privacy or indulging yourself in the luxuries ashore. There are also a number of fine restaurants along the tranquil coast.

The incredibly cosmopolitan island of St. Martin is found a little morethan 4 nm from Anguilla and is the most popular among the Leeward group of islands. The island is divided into two sections, one with French and the other with Dutch influences. You can dock in the Simpson's Bay Lagoon, one of the many lagoons on the island, and also among the best docking areas in the Caribbean and enjoy the many pristine beaches on the island. St. Martin is also famous for the great number of world-class restaurants, casinos and night clubs it offers.

A quick sail to the south takes you to the mainly French influenced island of St. Barths. Although small in size, its natural beauty and sophisticated lifestyle make it worth the visit. There are many fine restaurants to choose from as well as a great number of designer shops to indulge in.

Separated bya twomile channel, the islands of St. Kitts and Nevis lie southwest of St. Barth's. These quiet islands are covered with dense forests, which make them great for hiking. You can watch the wild Vervet monkeys on Mt. Nevis or snorkel in the black coral reef off the coast of St. Kitts for a genuine Caribbean experience.

Antigua has a completely different atmosphere from the other islands. The island is decidedly English in heritage, complete with a great enthusiasm for the game of cricket. The island is surrounded with secluded bays, hidden beaches and coral reefs that are inviting for snorkeling enthusiasts. Antigua is also known as agreat fishing ground, as well as a perfect setting for all sorts of water sports.

Boats in Antigua

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Lagoon 50

Baten Kaitos II (ANU)
Base: Antigua / Nelson's Dockyard
Date: 02.03.2024 - 09.03.2024
Year: 2021
Length: 14.75 m
Cabins: 6 +2 crew
Price: 13,440 € 10,853 €/Week

Lagoon 52F - 6 cab

Dugongo II (ANU)
Base: Antigua / Nelson's Dockyard
Date: 02.03.2024 - 09.03.2024
Year: 2019
Length: 15.84 m
Cabins: 6 +2 crew
Price: 14,933 € 14,186 €/Week