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Charter Deposit Insurance

Any experienced skipper knows how fast the harmony of the crew is severely disturbed, if there was caused a claim by a crew member or the skipper himself and all are asked to pay for it. As it was generally agreed by the crew before, so divided it can be in a tangible issue why all have to pay for the claim which was only caused by one. For this reason, we recommend the completion of our deposit insurance.

Insured is the retain of the bail of the chartered yacht due to loss or damage for which the yacht is exposed during the period of the insurance.

A deposit insurance, which covers everything, cannot exist. Each deposit insurance contains exclusions. Not insured are e.g. damages caused by gross negligence and intention; damages caused by faulty designs, fabrication defects or material defects; erosion; lacquer damages, scrape and scratch damages (provided that these are only in the gelcoat); damages by theft and non-delivery, going overboard as well as pilferage of more loose and not secured things respectively.

The deductible in every case of loss amounts to 10% of the insurance sum (deposit), minimum 100,00 EUR. For participation in regattas the deductible for each claim amounts to 15 % of the sum insured, but at least 300,00 EUR.

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Extended Skipper Third-Party Liability Insurance

On the part of the crew and owner of the yacht you will get a big confidence as skipper of another yacht. Your competence and sense of responsibility are preconditions for your task as skipper.

The extended third party insurance covers claims made against you as well as defence unjustified arrears.

The extended third party insurance does not cover e.g. the deposit (see deposit insurance); damages which were deliberately induced or claims you cause to certain close relatives (spouse, childrens); penalties and fines.

The sum insured amounts to 3.000.000,00 EUR or 6.000.000,00 EUR for personal injuries and material damages. Total proficiency for all insurance claims within one year equals twice the sum insured. In every case the yacht’s liability and full cover insurance obliged to liable for advance payment, therefore the skippers liability provides subsidiary.

Included is:
a) Damage to the chartered yacht in case of proven gross negligence up to 550.000,- EUR (In case of damage a deduction of 2.500,00 EUR is agreed)
b) Liability claims of the entire crew among themselves up to 2.000.000,- EUR (In case of property damage, if the loss occurrence is higher than 150,- EUR)
c) Security deposit in case of confiscation in a foreign harbour up to 50.000,- EUR
d) Claims of the yacht owner concerning charter failure due to major damage to the yacht at your fault up to 20.000,- EUR (The bear of the costs for the first three days of the charter contingency takes the insurance holder on a pro-rata basis)

The extended third party insurance holds duration of one year which is automatically extended on request. During the insurance year there will be coverage for charters up to 6 weeks, which previously have not be displayed. On request the insurance cover can be extended in case of a longer running time.

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Travel Cancellation Insurance

For each Crew we recommend the completion of the travel cancellation expenses insurances because of the partly extensive costs of the charter.

The insurer indemnifies e.g. with unemployment, heavy illness, accident, death, inoculation incompatibility, pregnancy or with damage to the property for the contractually owed travel rescission costs in case of non-taking part of the journey and in the case of breaking off of the journey for the additional travel expenses less the participation mentioned in the conditions (at least 100,00 EUR) in money.

The insurer is free from the obligation of indemnification, in case the occurrence of event insured was predictable by the insured person/policy holder at the time of conclusion of the insurance or the insured person/policy holder caused it by intention or gross negligence.

Insured is every crew member who is mentioned in the policy and application form. At entrance of loss occurrence this crew member is insured up to the amount of the stated pro rata insurance sum.

Coverage group of people:

In extension of the primary cover all on the policy mentioned insured persons could claim the insurance in case of failure of the skipper who only is authorized to con the yacht.

Provided that the rest of the crew want to drive with the skipper who replace the original skipper, the fee will be paid by the insurance if this contributes to the decrease of the claim.

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Skipper & Crew Package

Our Skipper & Crew insurance packages Basic, Top and Platinum we offer a Extended Third-Party insurance for Skippers, a deposit insurance for chartered yachts, a travel cancellation insurance and exclusively in Platinum package a travel health insurance and accident insurance at excellent conditions.

The insurance packages are in the power of the insurance cover for a continuous charter trip of up to 6 weeks for the skipper and crew a maximum of 9 Members limited.

The other benefits are already designated services individual insurance equal.

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