Göcek Itinerary Route 1


Day 1. Göcek – Tomb Bay (7NM)

On the first leg of your Gocek yacht charter, sail the few nautical miles from Gocek to Tomb Bay, admiring the turquoise waters and the ancient Lycian ruins along the way. Arriving at your first anchorage of Tomb Bay, a favorite of famous Turkish poet and painter, Bedri Rahmi. You can enjoy swimming in the clear waters, sampling the local cuisine in one of the several restaurants ashore and exploring the ancient Lycian tombs carved into the cliffs overlooking the bay.

Day 2. Tomb Bay – Sarsala – Fathom Bay (6NM)

On the second day, your destination is Fathom Bay. We strongly recommend that you stop in Sarsala Bay along the way to swim and snorkel around the partially submerged remains of the ancient baths of Cleopatra. The anchorage in Fathom Bay is tranquil with no night-time light pollution so you can enjoy watching the stars and the milky-way.

Day 3. Fathom Bay – Kapi Creek (3nm)

A short cruise takes you to Kapi Creek, where you can tie up to the jetty of the restaurant there, or anchor and take a line ashore. The scenery is beautiful, and you can enjoy swimming in the pristine waters, snorkelling or just lounging around. The restaurant offers great local food as well as clean toilets and showers.

Day 4. Kapi Creek – Tersane Island (7NM)

Tersane island is the largest of the seven islands in the Gocek Bay area. There are caves to be explored, great swimming and snorkelling, and a restaurant with a jetty surrounded by Byzantine ruins.

Day 5. Tersane Island – Fethiye (10NM)

Fethiye is the major port town in the region, with a busy harbor area where you will find shops of all kinds, lots of restaurants, bars and cafes. You can visit the ruins of the ancient city of Telmessos, dating back to 2000 B.C.

Day 6. Fethiye – Yassica Islands (11NM)

Heading back towards Gocek, the 6th day of your yacht charter begins with a 11 nautical mile cruise to Yassica Islands. On the northern part of the islands you will find pristine beaches great for swimming and snorkelling. While navigating in the area, beware of the partially submerged ruins of ancient structures as well as the remains of a bridge.

Day 7. Yassica Islands – Gocek (3NM)

A short sail will take you to the home port of Gocek. Enjoy your final day exploring the town and sampling the delicious local cuisine.

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