How to inflate a dinghy

It can be a pretty simple task to inflate an inflatable boat. However, there are a few guidelines that you need to follow to make sure that you do it right. Otherwise, you run the risk of over-inflating or under-inflating your blow up. Follow these procedures on how to inflate your boat for a safer, more satisfying ride:

1. Determine the size boat that you want to inflate. If it is to large to blow manually, use an air compressor or an air pump. If you are using a small boat like those for children, then make sure that you take slow deep breaths between each blow. Do not rush in inflating it. Also, make sure that the port to which you will put in your mouth is thoroughly cleaned so that you don't transfer germs into your mouth. Disinfect the openings with alcohol first before you let it inside your mouth.

2. For larger boats get an air compressor. Inspect the overall appearance of the boat first. Make sure that there are no visible damages, holes or torn parts.

3. Open all the valves of the boat. Set aside the covers and make sure that you can return it to where they should be after inflating.

4. Choose a valve to begin. Working on it on a clockwise direction as you go around all the valves in the boat helps you not to miss any opening. Fill the each chamber with the right amount of air. Over filling one chamber affects the balance and stability of the boat in water so make sure that air is evenly distributed to all the chambers.

5. After filling all the chambers with the right amount of air, recheck the boat by going around it again, this time, in a counter-clockwise direction. Make sure that each chamber is filled evenly with air when you inflate your inflatable boat.