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The Cyclades islands are the most celebrated destination in Greece, and a stand out amongst the most famous spots for luxury yacht charters around the world. The Cyclades are an archipelago amidst the Aegean Sea, forming two "semi circles"; the external ring, nearer to Athens, and the "internal ring" further away. Sifnos, Serifos, Kea, Kythnos and Milos islands make up the external ring, while Mykonos, Paros, Naxos, Ios and Santorini are the most well known of the inward Cylades.

Mykonos and Santorini are the best attractions and their notoriety for allure and appeal precedes them. Mykonos is an attractive VIP hotspot, like St Tropez and Ibiza, while Santorini is embellished with some of the best views around the world. Moreover, there are a large number of islands in the Cyclades, which offer plenty of magnificent precipices, quaint little towns with whitewashed houses, hidden coves, shorelines, and bays to investigate. One thing that all Cyclades islands share in like manner is the architecture of white and blue structures, and the amazingly beautiful sunsets.


Kea is a magnet for mariners as the area is famous for the most difficult and fascinating wind conditions possible. Cavo Doro, which lies between Kea and the Attica peninsular is open to a mixture of various breeze streams, all of which blow from a different direction. The area is also a central hub for divers and snorkelers as it is home to many ship wrecks – some accepted to be the Greek ships that sunk while returning from Troy, while others are more recent, for example, wreck of the Britannic, the sister ship to the Titanic. While chartering in the area, visitors can appreciate the Tale Festival, an occasion when fabulists from around world come and pleasure kids and grown-ups alike with their stories. There are also a vast variety of cultural events that attract crowds at Ioulis between first and 19th. of August.


In the event that you feel like truly letting your hair down, Mykonos is the place for you. Here you are certain to rub shoulders with the jet-set and the famous people that regularly visit this humming island. Cavo Paradiso, Astra and Space are some of the internationally celebrated clubs and bars you can visit. In the event that you favor a more laid back environment where you can appreciate the peacefulness and simplicity of Mykonos life, you will enjoy spending a day at Scorpios, a unique shoreline club with a great restaurant and wonderful views.

However Mykonos isn't only known for its nightlife. There are wide regions of white sandy shorelines or the wonderful 'Little Venice' to unwind in and douse up the sun. It is otherwise called a heaven for water sports with surfing and windsurfing top picks here. In the event that you jump at the chance to explore beneath the waves, then make certain to set out toward the southeastern shore of the island to see Anna II, a wreck from 1995 that plays host to a variety of marine life. The close-by island of Dragonisi with its underwater caves and rock formations is another great diving spot.


Paros stands out amongst the most lovely islands in the Mediterranean, its whitewashed houses and local cuisine that are characteristic of the calm, serene Greek atmosphere that so effectively renew the body and the psyche. Meander through the ancient Venetian port of Naoussa and dine at Mario's where you can appreciate the delightfully refined Mediterranean cooking. Take in the view or watch the sun sink into the Mediterranean while you enjoy great cocktails on the terrace of Sommoripa Consolato this is certain to be a night to recollect.

The sunny beaches and the white cliffs of the island attract sailors from the greater part of the Aegean, particularly to Kolymbíthres shoreline where the naturally cleansing clay makes it an outdoor spa. The 15th century Venetian castle and the amazing stalagmite and stalactite formations of the cave of Antiparos make it worth visiting the beautiful islet of Antiparos which lies just off the coast of Paros. For those who love diving, The Blue Dome makes an interesting plunge with astonishing lighting and lovely anenomes or hop in at The Doors, where vivid corals and flourishing sea life will astound you.


Naxos is the biggest island in the Cyclades, well known for its hefty mountains, prolific valleys, Venetian castles, quaint towns and beautiful shorelines. While not as famous as neighboring Mykonos, it has a relaxing and more casual feel of its own. The main attractions of Naxos are traditional fairs such as “The Fisherman’s Feast” and “The Naxos Festival” as well as numerous cultural events. The island is famous for its wine, which is celebrated with the annual Wine Festival.

There are great reefs to explore off the coast of Naxos for divers and snorkelers as well as two plane wrecks, one of which is a WW I. German Araldo plane which lies only 11m. Deep, which makes it an easy dive or a great view from above for snorkeling. The Graviera Reef is one of the best diving spots in the Mediterranean with canyons and caves that are filled with an amazing array of marine life.


Ios is one of the numerous islands of great beauty that the Cyclades archipelago consists of. It is a mountainous island that lies between Naxos and Santorini. Although it is a small island, only 18 km by 10 km, it has 75 kilometers of coastline with wonderful white sandy beaches and turquoise shorelines to enjoy. It has been occupied since the early Cycladic period and is commended for being remarkably well preserved, especially on Skarkos hillside.

The Ios Club Restaurant in Hora is the perfect place for a romantic meal with marvelous vistas of the surrounding islands. The Club offers everything from delectable coctails to a wonderfully traditional Greek dining experience in a sophisticated atmosphere. The blue-flag shorelines of, Manganari, Mylopotas and Yialos are the ones to pay special mind to as you journey on by or stop for celebrated local fare, for example, baked lamb, souvlaki, pastisio and. The islands nightlife also matches anywhere in Greece, featuring more than 40 bars and clubs.


One of the most well known islands of the Cyclades, the beautiful Santorini lies in the southernmost part of the archipelago. The island is formed around an active volcano and thus has unique natural formations. The diversely colored cliffs topped with white cottages, fascinating history, beautiful sunsets, energetic climate and mind blowing shorelines are a great combination that draws visitors from throughout the world.

Santorini is an absolutely necessary stop for any Cyclades charter cruise - save time to investigate the stunning cliff-top village of Oia, climb the volcano, swim in the warm pools and unwind on white, red or dark sandy shorelines. Koukoumavlos is a great choice for a wonderful dinner where you can experience Mediterranean fusion cuisine while taking in the breathtaking vistas.


Milos lies in the south westernmost corner of the Cyclades. Being a volcanic island Its fierce birth has invested it with a shocking and one of a kind scenery with caverns, jagged rock formations, hot springs like Alykí, Kanáva and Provatá. Divers will love the underwater cave formations as well.

If you make Milos a stop in your charter through the Cyclades, you might want to explore the early Christian catacombs, taste the bonbons with pumpkin or the famous watermelon pies and visit one of the 80 beaches of the island. Kleftiko is one of these beautiful beaches and can reached only by boat.


Sifnos is a charming island situated in the western part of the Cyclades. Sifnos is the place for those seeking natural beauty in its purest, the traditionally relaxed atmosphere of a small island, or an opportunity to enjoy great night-life. The Monastery of Chrissopighi, the pleasant town of Kastro and the house of prayer of Kastro are all points of attraction for the individuals who have a craving for getting to know the history and culture of this superb island.

For quieter surroundings, cruise for the small bay of Chryssopigi, where you will find wonderful clear waters for swimming and one of the best taverns of Sifnos is close by to offer you great local food and drinks. At night, make a beeline for the focal point of town for a more lively environment and find the incredible bar called Cosi were you will be served phenomenal drinks made with Greek spirits and delicious exotic fruits.

Cyclades Cuisine

The unique climate of the Cyclades Islands and their geographical conditions provide great local ingredients such as fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, a variety of fresh seafood, local meat products and traditional cheeses and some of the best Greek wines made with indiginous grapes such as Assyrtiko and Malvasia.


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Nautitech 46 Fly

Exhibit A (Gen --Watermaker)
Base: Athens/Alimos Marina
Date: 24.10.2020. - 31.10.2020.
Year: 2019
Length: 13.71 m
Cabins: 4 (4+2)
Price: 5,000 € 4,750 €/Week


The Dodecanese islands are so close to coast of Turkey in the area known as “the sunniest part of Greece.” The principle islands of the Dodecanese are Kos,Astypalaia, Kalymnos, , Nisisros, Leros,Patmos, Symi and Rhodes. They present a wonderful and diverse array of cruising destinations, enhanced by an exceptional culture and turbulent past that bears the mark of each passing civilization, whether it be Venetians, Romans, Athenians, Persians and Ottomans.


From the dry limestone hills and typical Greek villages of Symi and Kalymnos which are home to a great number of Venetian castles and Byzantine monasteries to the humming town centers of Rhodes and Kos, the Dodecanese offer something for everyone. Scattered around the main islands are many smaller islands.  Only 26 islands are inhabited, which is sure to embellish your luxury yacht charter with a plethora of unexpected and interesting destinations to sail around.

Climate conditions and best charter times:

The prevailing wind of the summer season in the Dodecanese islands, much like the Cyclades, is a north-northwesterly wind called the “Meltemi”, which usually blows at BFT 4-6. The meltemi starts to develop in June and gains force towards the end of July to the beginning of September and begins to weaken in October. It should be taken into consideration that it can blow for constantly for days at a time, especially off Karpathos, Patmos, Kos, Kalymnos, Tilos, Nissyros and Astypalea.


Astypalaia is a small island shaped like a butterfly, 18 km by 13 km wide, with an area of only 97 km². Although it is considered to be a part of the Dodecanese archipelago, it is more Cycladic in many ways, geographically and historically. The island is not overly touristic, which gives you the chance of finding secluded coves and bays to drop anchor and enjoy complete tranquility. Its enchanting and beautiful architecture is dominated by a majestic Venetian fortress and the famous windmills, surrounded by narrow, winding streets, all of which provide a stunning setting for a charter. The uninhabited small islands across from Maltezana which is quiet and well sheltered mooring place, and the many wonderful beaches around Papandria , Platis Gialos and Chochlakoura are great places to explore or unwind after a day’s cruising.


Kalymnos is the third most crowded island in the Dodecanese archipelago and lies north of Kos and south of Leros. It has an area of 134,5 km² and it is one of the wealthiest Greek islands and is known as the “island of sponge harvesters.” Kalymnos has something for all tastes and is a wonderful stop on your luxury yacht charter. Your first stop on the island should be Póthia, which is the port and the capital of the island. Be sure to visit the Archeological Museum and the castle of Chrissoheria and to taste the delicacies of the local cuisine, such as mizithra cheese, dried lobster tail and the famous thyme honey.If you are in for some action, The International Climbing Festival in May is just for you.


Kos is a standout amongst the most well known islands in this chain. It is one of the biggest islands, 40km by 8km, and lies off the coast of Turkey. With its expansive brilliant shorelines, perfectly clear waters and unique history, this beautiful island will allow you to get away from the crowds and enjoy the amazing beauty of the Aegean from the comfort of your luxury yacht.Kos island and especially Kos Town is one of the best places to have some fun, with its wide variety of clubs and bars. Pay special mind to Nerantziá Castle at the mouth of the port of Kos Town before taking off and tying down off one of the many isolated sounds and bays specked along the coast.


If you are looking for a lesser known island in the Dodecanese archipelago, where you can escape crowds and spend your luxury yacht charter in utter tranquility, then Leros is the place for you. In Greek mythology, Leros is the island of Artemis, the Goddess of Hunting and of Forests, which is reflected in the unblemished beauty of the island. Appreciate the imposing castles of Brouzi and Castle of Panayia or the ancient churches that are disseminated throughout the island. You can swim in the turquoise waters of the many secluded bays that provide perfect mooring, explore the uninhabited small islands such as Kinaros or Levitha, or dive to the numerous shipwrecks that lie on the seabed.


The volcanic island of Nisyros lies in the center of the Dodecanese islands in the Aegean sea. It covers a territory of 41.6 km2 with a width of around 8 km. It is an island of wild, quiet magnificence without the hordes of vacationers that you may meet on different islands. The quiet and natural beauty of the island as well as its unique architecture, quaint taverns and coffee shops make it a mecca for sailors who seek a tranquil and relaxing port of call. As such, it is a great stop on your yacht charter.


Patmos is referred to as 'the island of the Apocalypse' where Saint John composed the Book of Revelation. With its fertile volcanic soil, beautiful natural environment and interesting coastline has been attracting select visitors each year. Patmos has been named “Holy Island by the Greek Parliament in 1981 and has been placed on the World Heritage list by UNESCO in 1999.

The magnificence of this painstakingly conserved island is amazing, especially that of Hóra and the shoreline of Psili Ammos, named after its powder fine sand that can only be reached by yacht. You can sail to explore the nearby small islands of Arki, Marathi and Lipsi. If you are here around Easter, you will experience the authentic Greek atmosphere and participate in the religious and spiritual ceremonies. In Skála, the main port of the island, you can enjoy local delicacies such as the envelope shaped pastry with nuts and honey and the famous cheese pie.


Rhodes is the biggest and most populated island among the Dodecanese. It is the most celebrated island with a storied and multifaceted history and you can see the wonderful relics of its more than two thousand years’ past. Rhodes caters to every interest. There are magnificent examples of the architecture of the past, such as the City Hall, The Palace of the Grand Master, and the Governors Palace.

The total of the old city was named a UNESCO world heritage site in 1988. There are long brilliant shorelines to unwind on and quiet little bays to investigate. The island has numerous famous bars and clubs the best of which are located especially at Hippocrates Square and around the old town, making for a lively night life that attracts tourists and yachtsmen from all over. There are numerous festivals throughout the summer months that add to the magic of the island, such as the Sound and Light Festival and many medeival festivals and celebrations.


Symi is another diamond of a Mediterranean island that will definitely surpass your expectations, however extraordinary they are. Its pleasant ports and villages are amazing in their magnificence and have a novel cosmopolitan air. There are a plenty of flawless shorelines with crystalline waters, both pebbly or sandy on the islands expansive bays or in hidden alcoves. During your yacht charter you will want to explore the famous beaches of Agios Nikolaos, Agios Georgios, Nanou, Nos and Maroni to name a few.

Enjoy the customary ouzo and fresh fish at any of the seaside tavernas, and have a great time at one of the many festivities, the best known of which is the Symi Festival, and you will definitely have the time of your life.

Dodecanese Cuisine

The Dodecanese cuisine has been influenced by a variety of factors, especially the archipelago’s proximity to Crete and Turkey. The great Greek dish, stuffed Paschal lamb is to be found on each island, as well as fried seafood pies and assortment of beans and vegetables that the traditional Greek diet largely consists of. Simi and Kalymnos have a rich cuisine based on seafood dishes, especially grilled octopus marinated with ouzo and spinialo – a pickled mixture of mussels, sea urchins and sea squirts.


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