Destination Sporades


The Sporades offer a calmer, more modest but just as breathtaking choice in contrast to the better known Greek islands. Their bright green vegetation, clear blue skies and turquoise waters present a picture of beauty and tranquility, making the island group the perfect place to escape to relax and enjoy the almost perpetual sunshine.  

The Sporades are a magnificently rough, mountainous group of 11 islands lying across from the eastern coast of mainland Greece. The group of islands are covered with lush vegetation and surrounded by the cleanest, most abundant waters in the Aegean, making the Sporades the ideal cruising ground for spotting dolphins, whales, seals and turtles.

The Sporades are mostly uninhabited except for Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonnisos and Skyros. Exploring these beautiful islands, each of which with its unique character, by a chartered yacht offers great anchorages and waypoints with great beaches, tranquil bays and quaint ports.

Sailing Itineraries

Sporades Sailing Itinerary - 7 Days


With more than 60 great beaches, the lavishly green Skiathos island is the most popular island among the sporades. Although small in size (only 11 kilometres across)  Skiathos offers great atmosphere and fun.

The southeast coast of the island is a great sailning area, with beaches inaccessible by land and the ancient site of Kastro, a medeival town surrounded by walls. The busy quay of the main town of Skiathos greets you with relaxing bars, tavernas and restaurants that draw guests aground both day and night.


The calmer island of Skopelos lies a short cruise away towards the east. The island is a picturesque mix of rolling hills, plum orcharda and thick evergreen forests that reach all the way to the beautiful coastline. Skopelos is a perfect island to explore by walking, and both Skopelos Town with its quaint narrow streets with traditional whitewashed houses and many chapels and the lush green interior of the island hold many delights to explore. Tranquil and romantic, Skopelos is the perfect escapade.


Dominated by a Venetian fortress, Skyros is an incredibly unique Greek island. Skyros Town offers wonderful traditional tavernas, winding alleyways lined with whitewashed houses, all a short distance from beautiful beaches.


Alonissos is the farthest and sparsely populated of the Sporades. Covered by dense forests and surrounded by a beautiful coastline with tranquil little beaches and rich marine life, the island is a true gem.

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