Destination Saronic


In the core of the charming Saronic Gulf lie the rough outlines and brilliant tints of the Saronic Islands. These quiet, wooded islands have no resemblence to the stark beauty of their Aegean counterparts, and offer cosmopolitan refinement as well as complete soltitude.

Unlike the larger groups of islands, the Saronic islands are not as busy and feature small , welcoming harbors and captivating local charm.

The Saronic Gulf is perfect for cruising on sail as it is a sheltered sea with temperate weather conditions. Each of its seven heavenly islands of Salamina, Hydra,Spetses, Poros,Aegina and Angistri have beautiful shorelines with a plethora of mesmerizing colors ranging from emerald green to turquoise and deep blue.

Being the nearest island group to Athens, the Saronic Islands are a great docking alternative to the overcrowded Pireus.The immaculate beaches, historical landmarks, quaint villages and diverse activities make the Saronic islands a more tranquil and pictoresque anchorage.

The Saronic Islands offer a unique and alternative cruising experience and a perfect anchorage spot for island hopping, as well as an enjoyable daily excursion from the mainland. Aegina is the closest island to the mainland, while Spetses, Hydra and Poros are lined up on the Peloponesian coast.

Sailing Itineraries

Saronic Sailing Itinerary 1 - 7 Days

Saronic Sailing Itinerary 2 - 7 Days


Dubbed as the Mykonos of the Saronics, Hydra is unquestionably the highlight of the Saronic island group.  One is filled with admiration cruising into the spectacularly pictoresque harbor that is lined with fashionable shops, art galleries, bars, tavernas and restaurants, with narrow, cobblestone streets leading into the encircling main town with wonderful traditional architecture and an authentic feel.


The island of Aegina is famous for wonderful vistas, amazing beaches and quiet, quaint villages,  the most interesting of which is the town of Mesagros. You can spend a wonderful evening here, perusing the interesting workshops of local craftsmen and artists and buy  exquisite ceramics and stoneware directly from the designer.


A green, wooded island, Spetses is the farthest of the Saronic islands from Athens.  Agia Marina offers golden sandy beaches with affluent elegant houses as well as various watersports. The island is perfect for hiking, and you can spend a day exploring the vast and beautiful pistachio orchards, olive groves and wonderful green pine forests.


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