Destination Ionia


Situated on the western side of Greece, the Ionian islands comprise of seven essential islands: Corfu, Lefkas, Paxos, Ithaca, Kefalonia, Zakynthos and Cythera as  the customary name of 'Heptanese' proposes. There are also numerous smaller islands in the group, with tranquil bays and beaches, quaint tavernas, blue waters and the perfect Greek experience.

For yacht charters, the Ionian group is usually divided into two sections, north and south Ionian, as both areas have separate airports and primary ports of departure. A two week charter is also possible, covering the entire group as the ultimate Ionian holiday.

Sailing Itineraries

Corfu Sailing Itinerary 1 - 7 Days

Lefkas Sailing Itinerary 1 - 7 Days

Lefkas Sailing Itinerary 2 - 7 Days

South Ionian – Lefkas Base

The southern Ionian is the better known and busier of the two parts. It is a group of smaller islands that lies in the area bordering mainland Greece to the north and east, and the islands of Kefalonia and Lefkas to the west.

With no tides and mostly gentler winds, the area is perfect for families, inexperienced sailors and those who are more interested in the holidaymaking part of a charter than hard core sailing. While you can enjoy longer cruising legs if you like, the South Ionian is more suitable for shorter sailing, with more time to spend on beaches and in tavernas.

North Ionian – Corfu Base

Corfu is the major island of the north, and its many lovely villages are a mecca for western and Greek tourists. Paxos and the smaller neighboring island Antipaxos have enchanted many visitors. Altogether, these beautiful and hospitable islands make up the perfect destination for sailors chartering in the Northern Ionian.

As in the Southern part of the group, Northern Ionian is also non-tidal and has lighter sailing winds, however it ofers longer cruising legs so you can enjoy sailing with the breeze in your hair.

Gouvia Marina is the main starting point for most charters in the area, found only 10 minutes from Corfu airplane terminal and offers bars, tavernas and lodgings in case you decide to prolong your vacation. With loads of flights, easy airport access and a selection of routes contained in a relatively small area, the Northern Ionian is a great charter destination.


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