Destination Grenada


Grenada is an island nation that incorporates Carriacou and Petite Martinique. Located in the southwesternmost part of the Windward Islands, Grenada is a beautiful island with great beaches and lush vegetation, and is a great alternative destination in the yacht charter paradise called the Caribbean..

The average temperature sits at a wonderful 25 °C and the gentle trade winds add to the pleasantness of the island. Historically Grenada was a plantation of Nutmeg and Cinnamon, and the scent of these spices remain in the air. The capital city of St. George is where most of the genuinely friendly population of the island live. The city is built around a crescent-shaped harbourand is surrounded by a volcano crater. With its wealth of history and culture as well as natural beauty, St. Georhe is a popular tourist destination.


The island of Grenadais surrounded by numerous historical shipwrecks that lie around the coastline at various depths. Bianca C, the largest shipwreck in the Caribbean is among the main attractions for divers in Grenada, as well as an underwater volcano and coral reefs full of rich marine life. Grenada Molinière Underwater Sclulpture Park is another interesting destination for divers. The underwater collection of sculptures created by sculptor Jason Taylor lie in the midst of the surrounding marine life, ready to be explored by diving and art enthusiasts.


In spite of the fact that polo and racing are not a part of the sports scene in Grenada, there is a lot to make up for it. The island has a great golf course overlooking the Atlantic and the Caribbean. The national sport of the island is cricket, and there is a new National Stadium that is gaining popularity as a venue.

Port Louis 

The Creole style marina located in Port Louis, an incredible seaside resort and club is home to the Grenada Sailing Festival that is held at the end of January is a 4 day event of international yacht racing and a 2 day Work Boat Regatta that attracts sailing aficionados from all over the globe.


Unlike  the busy town of St. George, Carriacou and Petite Martinique reflect the more traditional and laid back aspect of life in Grenada. Both islands have numerous historical attractions and a number of cultural festivals that make them definitely worth visiting.


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