Destination Göcek

Göcek Bay is one of the best places to sail in Turkey, chosen by Turkish sailors as well as by people of other nationalities. You can enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean landscape, a pleasant weather and crystal clear water in which to swim or snorkel. 


The best months to sail Göcek are between May and October, when the Mediterranean weather offers the best conditions. The beaches in this part of southern Turkey are quite busy in July and August, so if you seek peace and quiet, it is best to take advantage of the months of May, June, September and October. Navigation on this sailing itinerary for Göcek is quite safe, but you must be careful in the area of ​​the Yassica islands with the ruins of some houses under the surface that could damage your boat.

Wind & Weather

The Meltemi wind, the typical one of this part of the Mediterranean, blows from May to October and it is particularly strong in July and August. It is a wind that blows from the east in this part of southern Turkey, and it is less intense as sailing eastward. Temperatures are warm in summer and mild in winter, and rain is practically nonexistent in summer, so sailing is pleasant and swimming in the turquoise waters is delightful.

Sailing Itineraries

 Göcek Itineraries


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