Located in the convergence point of the Caribbean, the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, Cuba lies only 85 NM south of Florida in the Northern Caribbean. The island is lined with white sand beaches, palm groves and clear blue waters. The length of the island is 1250 kilometres and the warm and friendly population number about 11 million. In spite of its differences with the US, Cuba offers great yacht charters as well as wonderful music, and the best rum and cigars in the world.

Sailing Itineraries

  Cinefuegos Sailing Itinerary - 8 Days

Cuba Yacht Charter Types

As Cuba relaxes its tourism policies and opens up to the world, the yacht charter options are becoming wider and many more yachts are becoming available on the island. Now, there is a variety of charter opportunities, both crewed and bareboat, to choose from.

Cuba Crewed Yacht Charter 

Now you have the option of chartering a luxury motoryacht in Cuba, with a well trained and friendly crew. Your crew will serve you wonderful food and cocktails while you admire the beautiful surroundings. Your skipper will take you to the best anchorages, show you the best swimming and snorkelling spots, and should you wish to spend time on shore, will point out the destinations that fit your interests.

Cuba Bareboat Charter 

Cuba is also a wonderful destination for bareboat yacht charters. It is a delight and adventure to explore the mangrove forests, sandy beaches, canals and secluded coves where you can dip in the wonderful warm waters.


The trade winds soften the warm, tropical climate of the island, which is warm throughout the year due to the Caribbean current that carries the warm water north from the ecuator. May through October is the rainy season while November to April are the drier months. The temparatures range from 21°C to 27 °C through the entire year.

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