Destination British Virgin Islands


The British Virgin Islands, commonly abbreviated BVI, are one of the Caribbean's most sought after yacht charter destinations. With regular winds, pristine beaches, stunning islands, lavish lodgings, beach parties and an appeal that impeccably fits the serenity of cruising, the BVI are truly a sailor's paradise. Whatever your charter preferences are, be it a luxury motor yacht, a bare sailing yacht or a catamaran with crew, the BVI are the top destination to find it.

Sailing Itineraries

  Road Town Sailing Itinerary - 7 Days


Being the biggest and most populous island in the BVI group, Tortola is subsequently the usual beginning point for yacht charters. Tou can reach Road Town by ferry from the US Virgin Islands or by land from the Beef Island Airport.

Beside Road Town, the other fundamental port on Tortola is Soper's Hole, a decidedly colonial port city overflowing with charm and a vibrant atmosphere as well as being home to great marinas.
There are a number of beautiful beaches on Tortola, especially on the north coast of the island where you will find tranquil coves lined with perfect white sands. The most celebrated are Cane Garden Bay and Trunk Bay Beach.

Jost Van Dyke

Jost Van Dyke is a casual island known around the world for its easygoing way of life, sheltered anchorages, great bars and restaurants, white sand beaches and delicious seafood, especially lobsters. Most celebrated are the Soggy Dollar Bar, known as one of the best beach bars on the globe, and Foxy's famous for its wild beach parties.


Anegada is a coral island only 8 metres above sea level, and the second largest island in the BVI group. The island is a hotspot for divers due to the great number of shipwrecks found on the reefs surrounding the island. The wildlife on the island is also greatly varied and abundant, and you can see pelicans, flamingos, sea turtles and the endangered Anegada iguana.
The island is also famous for its pristine beaches with laid back bars and barbeques, especially the famous lobster roasts.

Virgin Gorda

Third in line among the largest islands in the group is Virgin Gorda. The island is most famous for "The Baths", a formation of monolithic granite boulders that line the beach, with waterways among them and a system of caves that open to the ocean.

You can snorkel or swim in the turquoise waters or pamper yourself with the amenities of the Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour, a luxury resort on the island.

BVI Climate

The sub-tropical climate of the BVI is perfect for sailing, yachting and watersports alike. The skies are clear for the majority of the year, the regular easterly trade winds blow between 15-25 knots and the temparatures range between 25-29 °C during the day and 18-23 °C at night.

BVI Cuisine 

The cuisine of the BVI is fresh, local and delicious, with strong influences from West Africa, Europe and the Americas. The seafood is legendary in the BVI, especially the world famous lobster is to be tried.

There are world famous establishments such as the Soggy Dollar Bar, Foxy's, Willy T's, Scrub Island Resort and Saba Rock, which offer great ambiance, incredible coctails and fine island cuisine. Anegada is famous worldwide for its lobster festival in November.

1 - Soggy Dollar Bar, Jost Van Dyke 
It's not only about the acclaimed 'Unique Painkiller' rum mixed drink as the Soggy Dollar Bar additionally gloats a heavenly breakfast lunch and supper menu. 
2 - The Baths, Virgin Gorda 
Virgin Gorda's mile of scattered stones is a supreme sight totally extraordinary to the BVI, with the National Park turning into a hotspot for swimming and swimming. 
3 - Foxy's - Jost Van Dyke 
Having as of late praised its 78th birthday celebration, Foxy's has moved toward becoming piece of the furniture on Jost Van Dyke with individually feasting and its own rum, all in obvious Caribbean style. 
4 - Deadmans Beach, Peter Island 
You'll never feel more invigorated than the first occasion when you notice Deadman's Beach's sickle of fine white sand, peaceful blue waters and dazzling palm secured slopes. 
5 - Wreck of the Rhone, Salt Island 
The awfulness of a 1867 tropical storm has transformed into a 21st century wonder as the disaster area of RMS Rhone simply off Salt Island has turned into a brilliant national stop and a well known site for jumping. 
6 - Sandy Spit 
The genuine emergence of that toon forsake island makes Sandy Spit relatively unbelievable. A uninhabited hover of fine white sand encases a little fix of foliage to make a genuine BVI ponder. 
7 - Grilled Lobster on Anegada 
Lobster on Anegada is so praised it has earned itself its own celebration, with November 2016 denoting its fourth appearance as various best quality eateries and bars dish up their forte to the sound of Caribbean groups and artists. 
8 - Bitter End Yacht Club, Virgin Gorda 
The uncommon waterfront resort joins water games, journeys and incredible eateries to make an idealistic setting on the island of Virgin Gorda. 
9 - The Indians and the Caves 
Two of the best known swimming spots in the BVI join close Norman Island, the claimed motivation for the Treasure Island story. The stone developments, covered in beautiful fish and marine life, give a remarkable setting to some investigation. 
10 - Willy T's, Norman Island 
Chicken wings anybody? What about attempting Norman Island's most flavorful food propelled by BVI neighborhood Willy Thornton back in the eighteenth century on this dynamite drifting eatery. 

BVI Climate and Weather 

The BVI atmosphere is about perfect for a wide range of yachting and water sports. Every day typically brings times of clear blue skies and a couple of puffy mists. The BVI includes magnificently reliable day by day exchange winds - for the most part from the East, ESE or ENE at 15-20 ties, ascending to 25 - 30 amid the 'Christmas Winds". 

The BVI has a sub-tropical atmosphere with temperatures that range between 77-85° F (25-29° C). Temperatures as a rule drop by 10° F (6 °C) during the evening.

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