Destination Bahamas


The Bahamas are everyone’s idea of the perfect tropical paradise, with blue waters, fine beaches and amazing islands with an adventurous past that dates back to the discovery of the “New World” by Columbus. All this makes the Bahamas the perfect choice for a yacht charter holiday.

Only two hours from NY and one from Florida, the Bahamas hold an abundance of natural, historical and culinary delights, each island offering its unique personality, making the possibilities infinite when hopping from one island to the other.

Sailing Itineraries

  Marsh Harbor Sailing Itinerary - 7 Days

Marsh Harbour and Abacos

If you choose to start your Bahamas yacht charter itinerary in Marsh Harbour of the Abaco Islands, you have a number of beautiful, sandy cays ahead of you: Treasure Cay, Man-O-War Cay, Green Turtle Cay and Fowl Cay, where you can enjoy swimming, snorkelling and water sports. The Pelican Cays National Park is worth exploring with its one of a kind marine life. Don’t miss the famous landmark red and white striped lighthouse of Hope town in passing.

Freeport and Grand Bahama Island

The capital town of Grand Bahama is a buzzing town that offers something for everyone, from modern shopping malls and lively nightclubs to pristine beaches and exclusive golf resorts. The underwater caves of Lucayan National Park are worth exploring as well as the lush Botanical Garden of the Groves.

Nassau, New Providence Island

Nassau offers a wealth of history as well as great sailing. The beauty of Nannau is unmatched even in the Bahamas. Surrounded by more than 250,000 square kilometres of vividly colored coral reefs, you will feel completely immersedin beauty.

Being the capital city, about 70% of the population of the Bahamas live in Nassau, which makes the city vibrant, cosmopolitan and exhilarating. The island is known internationally for its luxury resorts, restaurants and casinos. All in all, Nassau is everyone’s dream location.

More Islands

As you sail to the heart of the Bahamas, you can discover more beautiful islands like Exumas , Eleuthera and the Long Islands. All of these islands share the common aspects of the Bahamas: Breath taking views, great beaches and an abundance of marine flora and fauna.

Great Attractions of the Bahamas

The Bahamas are full of wonderous and exciting things to discover and offer great activities that will satisfy everyone’s needs.

You can paddle with the friendly pigs that make the uninhabited island of Big Major’s Cay, swim with dolphins,  eagle rays, sea turtles  and docile reef sharks in the Abacos, Pelican Cays Land and Sea Park which is also home to some stunning underwater caves, and Andros Barrier Reef, which is the third longest reef in the world as well as the world’s third largest living organism. You can dive or snorkel in the famous underwater cave system of Thunderball Grotto. You can enjoy the wonderful white sand beaches of Treasure Cay of wonder at the incredible pink beaches of Harbour Island.

Located in the north part of the Bahamas National Trust Land and Sea Park, Shroud Cay’s swirling currents create a phenomena called the “washing machine.” You can jump into it and let yourself be swept by the turquoise waters.

For a more luxurious experience, head to the Atlantis Resort in Nassau, where you can enjoy all of the natural beauty of the Bahamas as well as great bars and restaurants and a world class casino.


The Gulf Stream and the mild “Trade Winds” give the Bahamas a very pleasant climate. The best time of the year in terms of weather is September through May, with temperatures averaging between 21-25 °C. The summer months are warmer and more humid and the average temperatures rise to 26-30 °C.

The gentle winds and stable temperatures make the Bahamas one of the best places in the world for sailing. There is a great variety of yachts to charter in the area and many itineraries to choose from.

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